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Your logo is your image. It's a reflection of you and your company. A quality logo communicates to your customers that your company is stable, credible and trustworthy. It also separates you from your competitors and creates a powerful memory in the minds of your customers. Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand.

TEQ Media Group can design a professional, quality logo for you and your company that will make a lasting impression to your prospects. When people need your service or product, they'll think of you. Contact us to learn more about our logo design services and get started with your new logo today!

Our Logo Design Process:

  1. Initial Consultation: Our first step in designing a logo is an initial (usually 1 hour or less) consultation to help us understand your service/product, target market and spirit behind your brand. Do you already have a design idea in mind? Our initial consultation will help us understand your needs before we begin designing your new logo.

  2. Logo Design Concepts: After our initial consultation, we will design 3 or more logo concepts depending on the design package you choose. Initial design concepts are completed within 3-5 business days and revisions even faster.

  3. Final Logo Design: After you have chosen the logo concept that best matches your brand, we will begin a high quality final design of your logo within 3-5 business days (let us know if a high priority and we do our best to get it done sooner). After we complete your logo, we will provide multiple versions of your logo to use in your web site, business cards, brochures/flyers and more.

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